Patricia Jones

The problem

When I was in my teens I was very sporty and realised my sporting dreams by being chosen to represent Great Britain in the hurdles at the 1968 Mexico Summer Olympic Games. I've always valued being healthy and active and my work as a trainer of agility dogs keeps me on the go all the time. Unfortunately my hip and knee joints are now paying the price and I have been diagnosed with having arthritis symptoms.

The solution

I have been able to manage my condition through diet, exercise and a carefully controlled mixture of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and injections. Despite this, I regularly suffered from bad flare ups, which would leave me in great pain and aching joints which severely limits my movement. I have now found extra support by taking Flexeze Fortify.

The impact

It's really helping to ease the pain and help my joints feel stronger and more flexible. I've now stopped relying on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy life to the full for some time yet!