Flexeze Osteo CMD

It's critical to protect your bone health at all stages of life. Did you know that without your bones you would just be a shapeless blob of skin and organs with no structure or stability at all? Its important to respect your bones and the crucial role they play in your life. Now, obviously you are never going to lose all your bones. So, you never have to worry about becoming a shapeless blob. But, as you age your bones can get weaker paving the way to fragile, brittle bones that are easily fractured, broken, and constantly ache.

Flexeze® Osteo CMD combines three of the most fundamental supplements on the market today for improving bone health: calcium, magnesium and vitamin d. Each of these vital substances were scientifically chosen to be a part of this highly effective bone health product.



£14.50 for 180 tablets.


A Vitamins Direct Product