Flexeze Fortify

Flexeze Fortify is the first product that helps support the natural regeneration of joint cartilage.


A revolution in joint health...

  1. Flexeze Fortify is a joint supplement which actually helps rebuild and repair cartilage, usually damaged by wear and tear or osteoarthritis

  2. It contains an award-winning ingredient* called Fortigel that is made up of a patented collagen hydrolysate. Fortigel helps build up Collagen which is the key component of cartilage.

  3. Whereas Glucosamine mostly slows down the effects of joint wear and tear, Fortify helps reverse the process.

  4. Fortify also contains vitamin C which helps keep joints and bones healthy.

  5. Fortify comes in powder form, allowing the body to absorb more of the key ingredients in a single dosage than a capsule or pill.

  6. Fortify is the next step forward in joint health - dealing with the root cause of joint problems, not just the symptoms.

*winner of the Frost & Sullivan Health Ingredient of the Year award

£30.95 for 30 Sachets


A Vitamins Direct Product